CAMP: 写真を眺めるスライドショー

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参加作家:阿部明子、上原徹、榎本千賀子、大谷佳、岡部文、甲斐義明、片山博文、金川晋吾、神崎仁、畔柳寿宏(space dike)、佐久間元、西山功一、原田晋、船木菜穂子、三橋宏章、山岸剛、吉田和貴、良知暁、難波健太、西澤諭志、島本正哉、小野寺南、桑原敏郎、村上華子、福居伸宏、増本泰斗、宮澤響

日時:2015年1月12日(月・祝)18:00〜23:00 ※出入り自由



Slide lists:
Title: Dictionary #001 : Numbers

001-One Direction.jpg
002-Two x Two Faces.jpg
003-Meeting the Three Little Pig on Main Street.jpg
004-Universal Fantastic Four.jpg
005-Five Finger Death Punch.jpg
006-four eyes and a six pack.jpg
007-Krewella & Seven Lions.jpg
008-Two hot dogs in eight little croissants.jpg
009-Nine Inch Nails.jpg
010-2010 Big Ten Cross Country.jpg
011-11 on 11. Literally..jpg
012-Australia- The Twelve Apostles.jpg
013-My Favorite Thirteen Year Old!.jpg
015-One, two, three, … fifteen.jpg
016-Barry at a sweet sixteen party -1982.jpg
018-om10 – ryan on his eighteenth.jpg
019-Mademoiselle Nineteen.jpg
020-Tony Turns Twenty 005 – Housies.jpg
021-Twenty-one….and counting……………jpg
022-Carol enjoying a book-on-CD at the Twenty Two.jpg
023-The Girls, Double Exposure (DYPHAS02, Day Twenty Three).jpg
024-Celebrating Me! II, BYOB Day Twenty Four.jpg
025-One Hundred and Twenty Five- Buy One Get a Free Person.jpg
026-twenty six.jpg
027-Day Twenty Seven – Nowhere..jpg
028-Twenty-Eight Thousands.jpg
029-Night Is When The Customers Sleep And The Bakers Work Their Magic (DYPHAS, Day Twenty Nine).jpg
030-dirty thirty.jpg