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一貫してTV画面を撮影してきた原田晋のシリーズ” window-scape “の新作は、これまでとは異なり、デジタル・フォトフレームで構成されるインスタレーションです。わたしたちの世界を取り巻く、モニタに映し出される種々のイメージ群。わたしたちはそれを、実際にその光景を目にしたわけでもないのに、そこにでかけて行ったわけでもないのに、あるいは、そのような人物に会ったわけでもないのに、すべて経験しているかのように錯覚しています。原田が一貫して告発してきたこうした問題が、再び、TVやコンピュータのモニタかと見紛うフォトフレームのなかに再現されるとき、わたしたちは不思議な思いにとらわれることになります。原田の告発もまた、原田が凝視めてきたものたちと同じように、単にモニタのなかに浮沈する、実体を欠いた幻想のようなものかもしれない。わたしたちは、その真偽を判断することもままならず、ただ単に呆然と明滅する光の塊を見つめ続けることになります。

Susumu Harada’s new work in his series “window-scape,” a series in which he has consistently utilized scenes that are photographed from a television monitor, is different from his former works in that it is an installation composed of digital photo frames and a projector. We commonly see a variety of diverse images that surrounds our daily world through TV monitors. We live under the illusion that we have experienced everything that we have seen on television, even though we have not actually looked at those scenes with our own eyes, visited those places, or met those people. Harada has consistently raised this issue of that illusionary state in his works. As we view such scenes reproduced inside his digital photo frames (which can be mistaken for televisions or computer monitors), we become seized by a strange feeling. Just as in the scenes he has continuously gazed at on his own television, Harada’s appeal that he makes through showing such scenes on the digital frames might also only be illusions that lack a sense of entity, due to the transient nature of the scenes that merely rise and vanish inside the monitors. Without us having the awareness to even ascertain the truth of what we are viewing in the photo frames, we end up absent-mindedly staring at the mass of flickering light in the monitors.



opening party
2008.10.11(sat) 17:00-

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